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By Kenneth J. Dudek
In awarding this prize to a mental health organization, the Hilton Foundation is acknowledging mental illness as one of the great humanitarian crises of our time.
By Betty Eastland, By Ashley Womble
Kenn Dudek accepted the award on behalf of those who strive to make Fountain House a sanctuary where people living with mental illness can learn to be empowered and thrive.
By Camille Tibaldeo
We’re hard at work renovating the Gallery to make the space an even better showcase for our artists’ work.
By Ashley Womble
On World Mental Health Day and every day, Fountain House is committed to reducing the stigma of mental illness across the globe.
By Ashley Womble
Thanks to businesses who recognize that people with mental illness can be excellent employees, 70% of members involved in the Employment Resource Center programs are employed.
If you live with a mental health condition, or you know and love someone who does, you understand that words matter. When you define a person by their diagnosis, that person goes from being a brother, a writer, a sister, or a painter to being merely “the mentally ill.”
By Kenneth J. Dudek
My favorite Robin Williams movie is The Fisher King. In it, he plays Parry, a homeless man shattered by tragedy, living in his own world. One especially beautiful scene depicts Parry crossing through Grand Central Terminal following a woman he has a crush on, when suddenly all the commuters rushing by become couples waltzing around the majestic grand concourse. It’s a stunning image, and I always think of it when I walk through the terminal.
By Maria Bronkema
On June 27th we celebrated graduates with speeches, music, and food on our beautiful, flowery horticulture patio. This year, Fountain House’s graduation party was special because we boasted a large number of people who completed college degrees, peer specialist certificates, technology certificates, and even one student who was overjoyed to graduate from high school.
​Fountain House/Clubhouse International, has been selected to receive the 2014 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize of $1.5 million. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation presents the annual award, the world’s largest humanitarian prize, to an organization that is doing extraordinary work to alleviate human suffering.
By Kenneth J. Dudek
Last night I attended the one-year anniversary celebration of Fountain House Bronx, and it was a lovely affair. The atmosphere was celebratory, the speeches were inspiring, and the food was wonderful, but my favorite moment came after most of the activity was over.


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