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Since 1948, Fountain House has pioneered innovative, comprehensive and humane ways to improve the lives of people with mental illness. Our award-winning programs empower our members to focus on work, wellness and social connections. At our house on West 47th Street, over 1,300 men and women live, work, and learn, while contributing their talents through a community of mutual support.

Over the decades, Fountain House has helped transform the lives of more than 20,000 members in New York City, supporting them in becoming vibrant contributors to society. We have developed a model for community based mental health treatment that is been embraced around the world. In fact, there are more than 300 programs modelled after Fountain House in 34 countries serving over 100,000 people with mental illness.

This year, in recognition of the efficacy of our work, we were awarded The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize - the largest and most prestigious humanitarian prize in the world. This is the first time this prize has been awarded to a mental health organization, a recognition that significantly elevates this issue on the global health agenda.

To schedule an interview with one of our mental health experts or learn more about Fountain House, please contact Ashley Womble.

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